Episode 12

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9th Aug 2023

How is a volatile automotive sector impacting logistics?

The global automotive logistics market is forecast to grow by 3.1% by the end of 2023. A lack of coordination between vehicle manufacturers and semi-conductor manufacturers is causing a major shift in the balance of power between the supplier and the supplied.

This episode we’ll be discussing the Ti Insights Global Automotive Logistics 2023 Report with Senior Editor Julia Swales. Plus, the latest GSCi News on import bans, the global freight forwarding market and digital forwarder lay-offs.

GSCi News & episode links

India imposes import ban on laptops and PCs

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Global Freight Forwarding market to contract 3.9% in 2023

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Mexico Leads as Key Trading Ally of the United States

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Digital forwarder lay offs: Who cut the most staff?

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Rishi Sunak comment from The Sun: https://youtu.be/Xtk3qi4xeD0

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